The RFC is a small flying school run by dedicated aviation professionals.


The Company

...The RFC is owned and operated by Paul McKeown and Martin Power.


Paul and Marty are highly experienced aviation professionals, each with over 20 years flying experience.


Originally from New South Wales, Marty took several jobs after completing his flight training, from skydiving and charter through to the highly competitive and demanding role of outback 'bank runner'. After a stint in the regional airlines flying turbo-props Marty joined a large Australian airline where he rose to the rank of Captain, flying Boeing 737, Embrarer 170/190 and later Airbus A330 Aircraft. Quickly recognised for his skills as an instructor, Marty has served as a training captain for many years, a position he continues to occupy to the present day.

A Queenslander, Paul began his flying in gliders before moving on to ultralights and general aviation aircraft. His first job was as an ultralight instructor on Drifters, a type he has had a long association with. Paul moved on to GA instructing and then spent several years in Northern Australia flying charter operations in remote areas in both piston and turbo prop aircraft. Paul eventually joined a major Australian airline flying Boeing 737 and Embrarer 170/190 aircraft. Paul has also held airline training captain positions and currently flys as a Boeing 737 Captain for a small airline into the remote regions of the Central Pacific region. Paul has instructed pilots at every level of the industry and currently holds Chief Flying Instructor and Examiner Approvals.

Both pilots have a passion for aviation and are bonded by both their friendship and their love of the air. Paul and Marty have a special interest in 'stick and rudder' flying and are motivated by the desire to share their skills and love of aviation with a new generation of airmen and airwomen. 

Paul and Marty know what it takes to be a safe and effective pilot, no matter what size aircraft you fly. But more importantly, these guys love what they do and can't wait to share that feeling with you!

The Team

Paul and Marty are ably assisted by a wonderful team of instructors and support staff who embrace the ideals of the RFC and who bring their own expert experience and skill to the delivery of high quality aviation services for our students.

Meet The Team:

Paul McKeown

Chief Pilot / CFI / Head of Operations

Marty Power

Deputy Chief Pilot / Deputy CFI

Head of Airworthiness and Aircraft Maintenance

Danny Robinson

Senior Instructor RA-Aus

Head of Glider Towing

Lynton Dalla-Rosa

Senior Instructor RA-Aus

Grade 1 Instructor GA

Head of Simulator Operations

Ken Lee

RA-Aus Senior Instructor / CPL International Student Manager

Senior Instrutor RA-Aus / International Student Co-ordinator

Vincent Liu

RPC / PPL Pilot

Myaircraft Project Manager

Michelle Dunmore

Admin Manager /

Examination Co-ordinator 

Lynn Kaye

Marketing Manager/

Scenic Flight Co-ordinator 

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