This is the licence that allows you to work as a professional pilot and to earn money doing the thing you love!

Commercial Pilot's can end up flying in such diverse roles as:

Air Charter

Aero-Medical Services (Flying Doctor)

Corporate Aviation

Aerial Agriculture (Crop spraying or spreading)

Aerial Fire Fighting

Regional or Major Airlines (with appropriate additional qualifications)

During the CPL component of your training, you will learn how to operate the aeroplane to the very high standards expected of a professional pilot. You will become very proficient at smooth, confident, efficient and safe flying while making operational decisions in a simulated commercial environment

Once you've got your CPL, the ratings that you achieved with your PPL come with you...but you can still continue to add additional ratings and endorsements to your licence.

...and of course all the benefits of the RPL & PPL are still available to you.


Minimum age 18years old

Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate

Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)

English Language Proficiency 



There are two pathways available for you to achieve your Commercial Pilot Licence.

1) 200hr Non-Integrated (Recommended)

2) 150hr Integrated 

COURSE 1 - 200hr NON-INTEGRATED (Recommended)

We think that this course provides the best pathway to becoming a safe and competent Commercial Pilot.

We utilise both Recreational and General Aviation aircraft on this course which both reduces cost and enhances your flying ability

You will graduate with a broad skill set and sufficient flying hours in your logbook to make you attractive to a future employer.

This course can be completed in 36 weeks Full Time (or part time equivalent) and includes 190 hours of flight training and 10 hours of simulator training along with requisite ground theory.

Like all flying training, this course uses a 'building block' approach where basic licences are competed first before moving on to the more advanced CPL training phase.  



RPC- Passenger Endorsement

RPC-Cross-Country Endorsement

RPL Conversion

RPL-Controlled Aerodrome & Airspace Endorsements

PPL-Upgrade Course

Tail Wheel Endorsement

Aerobatic Endorsement

10 Weeks Full Time Theory Training (or part time equivalent)

10 Weeks Full Time CPL Hour Building (or part time equivalent)

2 Weeks Full Time CPL Upgrade Flying Training (or Part time equivalent) including 27 hours flying training and 3 hours simulator training.

7 Theory Exams set by CASA

Flight Test with Examiner


This course requires students to complete all of their training in General Aviation Aircraft (Recreational Aircraft are not used). 

All training must be carried out according to a strict schedule with limited options for flexibility.

This course can be completed in 28 weeks full time and includes 140hrs flight training and 10hrs simulator training along with requisite ground theory.

The cost of this course is roughly the same as our 200 hour Non-Integrated course and students graduate with 50 fewer flying hours in their logbook and without the benefits of flying Recreational Aircraft. For this reason, we would only recommend this course if students have guaranteed employment available on graduation.

If you are wishing to do the 150hr course please contact us for further details.

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