Get some specialised and advanced training at the RFC


These endorsements are available for the:

Recreational Pilot Certificate

Passenger Endorsement
Share your joy of flying with family and friends with an RAAus Passenger carrying endorsement. To qualify, you'll need your RAAus Pilot Certificate and 10 hours Pilot in Command prior to a Pax rating check ride with one of our Senior Instructors.
Cross Country Endorsement
Lift the 25NM area restriction and spread your wings with the RA-Aus Cross Country Endorsement.
Fly anywhere (except controlled airspace) confidently and safely with this great qualification that completes your piloting skills.
This is the natural next step for most Pilot Certificate holders.
Tail Wheel / LP-TS Endorsement
Get checked out on our Fabulous Drifter and master the techniques of Tail Wheel flying. You'll get RAAus Low Performance and Two Stroke Engine Endorsements in addition.
Formation Endorsement
Extend your flying skills by undertaking this precision flying course. At the RFC we require you to have completed at least 100 hours in command or be appproved by the CFI before course commencement.
Low Level Endorsement
For advanced pilots needing to operate at Low Level (ie for property management), we offer this endorsement. Learn how to fly safely and effectively at low level with experienced low level approved instructors.

General Aviation:

Endorsements are available for :

Recreational Pilot Licence

Private Pilot Licence

Commercial Pilot Licence

RPL Navigation Endorsement
Lift the 25NM area restriction on your RPL with the RPL Navigation Endorsement.
Conversion from RA-Aus Cross Country Endorsement is also available although some additional requirements apply.
RPL Controlled Airspace/Aerodrome Endorsement 
Extend your RPL Navigational options with the RPL Controlled Airspace and Controlled Aerodrome Endorsements (obtained concurrently at the RFC). Operate confidently into busy towered aerodromes like the Sunshine Coast, Mackay, Rockhampton or Alice Springs.
This is also the starting point to obtain some of the required competencies for PPL and CPL.
Tail Wheel Endorsement 
Tame the Tail Drager with this great fun and challenging endorsement. Master both the three point and main wheels landng techniques while improving your stick and rudder co-ordination and general flying skill. Flying tail draggers is just about the best fun in aviation
Spinning and Aerobatic Endorsements
Enhance your skills and build confidence with this advanced course of training. Pilot the fabulous 180 Horse Power Citabria aircraft through loops, rolls and fully developed spins. Awesome!
Spinning Only endorsement also available.

Manual Propellor Pitch Control / Retractable Undercarriage Endorsements 

More sophisticated propeller driven aircraft are fitted with manual propeller pitch controls and/or retractable undercarriage. At the RFC, these endorsements are obtained when we convert you onto the Cessna 210 or Cessna 206. These aircraft both carry 6 people at higher speeds. You will need to do this conversion during your CPL training.
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