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Flight Reviews





Get more out of your Flight Review with the RFC.

We'll give you a practical Flight Review in accordance with Part 61 requirements in our aircraft or yours.


Our instructors have a broad range of experience and are specialists in tailwheel, aerobatic and amateur-built aircraft. They have the knowledge, understanding and experience to help you re-validate your skills to the highest level while respecting your time and budget.

The following flight reviews are available with the RFC:


-Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus)

-Single Engine Class Rating (Most RPL & PPL Pilots)


-Multi-Engine Class Rating


-Night VFR Rating


-Private IFR Rating 


Instrument and Instructor Rating Proficiency Checks are also available.

What to expect on your flight review?




Your instructor must check the competency requirements particular to the flight review you are undertaking as outlined in the Part 61 Manual of Standards. They will work with you to design a short ground component and flying sortie to achieve this.

Our training philosophy focuses on a pilot developing and maintaining a high standard of personal flying proficiency in core safety skills like:

-Stick and Rudder Co-ordination

-Stalls and Spins

-Cross-Wind Circuits

-Handling Emergency Situations

As these things are not often practised during a pilot's regular flying, we tend to focus on these things a little more during a flight review. 

Equally important is the development and maintenance of airmanship and decision making skills, good judgement and command sense and these things are discussed and monitored in your flight review as well.


Q. Do I have to do a nav?

A. No, the nav component is optional. If you do a lot of regular cross-country flying without any problems, you probably don't need to do a nav. However, if you'd like to freshen up your nav skills or do some controlled airspace work - we can do one no worries.

Q. Can I use my own aircraft?

A. Yes, provided it is insured and fitted with an intercom and dual controls. This is a service we happily extend to aircraft owners.

Q. Can I use a mates's aircraft?

A. If it's to save money, we'd rather you didn't. We have a fleet of excellent aircraft available for you to use. Our flying rates reflect the cost of maintaining these aircraft and operating 

Q. Can I do a day and night flight review in the same flight.

A. Technically you could do this by starting the flight by day and completing it at night, but 2 separate flights may be a better option.

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