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Instrument Rating

Multi-Engine Aeroplane


Our Multi-Engine Instrument Rating Course is designed to take you into the world of professional IFR flying.

During the course, you will learn the art and science behind flying and navigating solely by reference to the aircraft's instruments. As well as this, you will learn how to operate an aircraft confidently under the Instrument Flight Rules.

Your training will begin with ground theory covering all elements of Instrument and IFR flight. You will then proceed to a comprehensive set of simulator training exercises before progressing to IFR flying in the aircraft.

You will become familiar and proficient with concepts such as:

-General and emergency handling on the full and limited panel;

-IFR Flight Planning and meteorology;

-IFR Departure, en-route and arrival procedures;

-Performance Based Navigation (PBN);

-2D and 3D Instrument Approach Procedures;

-Non-Technical skills and threat and error management for IFR flight


During your IR Course you will receive the following:

-Over 20 hours of Ground Theory support

-16 hours Ground Simulator time;

-20 hours Instrument Flight Time in a Multi-Engine Aircraft;

-Comprehensive course notes;

-Expert and personalised instruction by skilled and caring professionals with years of 'real world' experience;

-Training in a relaxed and friendly environment at a beautiful location


3 weeks full time (or part time equivalent)


$14,500 + GST 



We understand that as a pilot in training, cash flow resources can be tight. Therefore, to help progressing CPL holders out, we have decided to offer a company sponsored payment plan for the completion of your full time Instrument Rating Course.

How does our company sponsored payment plan work?

Successful applicants may be entitled to train under the following terms:

-Initial contribution from you, the candidate of $5,000 incl GST.

-Start training straight away and without delay.

-Repayment of the remaining balance at $912.50 incl GST per month over the following 12 months to complete the course fee payment

(Total Cost incl GST is $15,950)

No interest, no strings attached, but you must make complete payment of the course fee within the 12 months following your course.

NOTE: The Company Sponsored Payment Plan is only available for full time Instrument Rating Courses.


If you can pay up-front, we'd like to reward you with a 10% discount on your Instrument Rating Training Course.

NOTE: The Up-Front Payment Discount is only available for full time Instrument Rating Courses.


Of course, it's perfectly acceptable to pay as you go and this is the preferred method of payment for most students training part time. For the part time payment, the normal course fee flying rates will apply.


To enquire or book your Instrument Rating Course, you can contact Paul directly on 0407086152 or email

Alternatively, you can use the form below 😉

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Q. Do you have Fee Help?

A. No, we don't believe in it.

Most Fee-Help schools charge a lot more for their courses. Their students are enticed into training that they probably can't afford and then lumped with huge amounts of debt to the government which they may take many years to pay off.

Q. Do you have a degree or diploma course.

A. No. 

These certificates are nice to have on the wall but are not required to gain employment as a pilot. Your skills, experience and attitude are still the most important thing when it comes to getting a flying job.

Q. Is it better to train in a Baron?

A. Not really.

Baron's are wonderful aeroplanes but you certainly don't need to do your IR in one. We use the trusty BE76 Duchess (also a Beechcraft) which has a lot of benefits as a trainer including:

-Lower cost

-More cockpit space

-Individual doors for pilot and co-pilot

Note from Paul McKeown:

The Baron has a faster cruise speed than the Duchess although we still clip along at 150kts. But In the terminal area and during an instrument approach we're all doing the same speed so the aircraft type really doesn't make much difference. The Duchess is an excellent ME and IR training platform, perfectly suited to the job.

As far as employers go...and I have been one of those for a long time. When we look at a resume, twin time is twin time.

As an indicator of job readiness, we're usually more interested to see that you've flown a Cessna 210!

Q. Will I learn azimuth approaches like NDB?

A. Yes you will!

...NDB approaches are disappearing but while there are still some out there, we think it is important to train you on them. Of course in some systems, you can do an azimuth approach on a VOR so you'll have that skill if you need it.

Q. Can I hire the Duchess after I finish my course?

A. Absolutely, can private hire our Duchess to get some command twin time after your IR no problem! The hire rate is $440/hr incl GST.

Q. Can I hire the simulator for practise?

A. Yes, fact during your course you can have unlimited simulator hire for practise absolutely free (subject to availability).

Q. I'm struggling with my IREX, can you help with that?

A. Sure!

Whilst we don't offer formal IREX courses, we can arrange some tutorial sessions for you to help get you over the line.

Q. Do you have accommodation options?

A. Yes,

We have simple bunk style accommodation on site (subject to availability) and there are a number of excellent B&Bs and motel style accomodation nearby. 

To combine your IR with a beach holiday, you might also like to consider staying in Noosa or Rainbow Beach...both less than an hour's drive from the school.


Thanks for submitting!

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