The Recreational Flying Company has for many years had a special relationship with student pilots from the Asia Pacific Region. The RFC has trained many young men and women who have returned home as qualified pilots.

The result of this connection is an understanding of the special needs of trainee pilots from all over Asia, and those who are living and working in Australia.

 Myaircraft  Manager and Flight Instructor Vincent Liu who himself trained with the RFC says:

“We are looking for people, primarily with an Asian background, who want to own their own aircraft and learn to fly it anywhere in this country. “


The Myaircraft Team is ready to make your dream of owning your own plane, and flying it yourself, a reality for you. We can help you to overcome all obstacles to achieve this goal.

The Myaircraft Project is a specialised initiative, operating in conjunction with The Recreational Flying Company. The Myaircraft Team are seeking potential pilots who may be concerned about language barriers, or may just not know where to start to own their own aircraft and learn to fly it!

 The Myaircraft  Team  will  help to solve all these potential  problems.

  • We can assist you in the purchase of your aircraft.  You can own your own light aircraft. It can be personalised and customised with your identifying name or business brand in Chinese characters on the tail

  • We have bi- lingual flight instructors who can teach you to fly. There will be no language barrier problems to make learning to fly more difficult.

  • We can organise hangar space for your aircraft to be safely stored

  • We can assist you to find you a residence with an airstrip close by

  • When you are too busy to fly we can rent your plane to other pilots so that it is earning money for you until you are able to fly it again yourself.

  • It will be identified as yours by its tail markings and will advertise your business, while it is paying for itself by being cross hired.

Contact Vincent Liu 0490 547 689  email:

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