This is the licence that removes the restrictions of the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) in terms of aircraft that you can get checked out on and the ratings and endorsements that you can pursue.

Private Pilots can qualify to fly all kinds of aircraft just about anywhere in the world on private operations...that means, you just can't get paid for it...you'll need a CPL for that!

During the PPL component of your training, you'll become very competent at flying in controlled airspace and you'll also learn new skills like radio navigation.

Once you've got your PPL, you can choose to complete additional ratings like:

Night VFR 

Instrument Rating

Multi-Engine Class rating

...and of course all the benefits of the RPL are still available to you.


Minimum age 17years old

Class 2 Aviation Medical Certificate

Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)

English Language Proficiency 



1) Upgrade from RPL

1 Week Full Time Theory Training (or part time equivalent)

1 Weeks Full Time Flying Training (or Part time equivalent) including an average of 10 hours conversion flight training and 1 hour of simulator training.

Must hold RPL + Navigation,CTA/CTR Endorsements (or equivalent) and meet PPL prerequisite hours to undertake this course.


PPL Theory course (or self study)

10 hours ground theory training

10 hours dual flying training (with instructor)

1 theory exam set by CASA

Flight Test with Examiner

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