This is the entry level Pilot Qualification that's both affordable and accessible to just about anyone who's ready to fly!

The RPC can be used as a stand alone certification to enjoy recreational flying or as a stepping stone onto higher qualifications.

Your RPC lets you...​

  • Fly a Recreational Aeroplane (under 600Kg Max take off weight.

  • Operate within 25 nautical miles (about 50Km) of the aerodrome you took off from.

  • Carry a friend with you as a passenger (once you've received your passenger endorsement).

  • Fly anywhere in Australia that is outside of controlled airspace (once you've received your cross-country endorsement).


Minimum age 15years old

Driver's Licence Medical Standard

Suitable English Language Skills (To receive instruction and use aircraft radio)



2-3 Weeks Full Time Flying Training (or Part time equivalent) including a minimum of 20 hours flight training.



10 hours ground theory training

15 hours dual flying training (with instructor)

5 hours supervised solo training (instructor observing from ground)

5 theory examinations (set by Recreational Aviation Australia)

Flight Test with CFI (Chief Flying Instructor)

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