This is the licence that allows you to step up to flying larger General Aviation aircraft with more complexity and more passenger seats.

Your RPL lets you...​

  • Fly a Light General Aviation Aeroplane (under 1500Kg Max take off weight).

  • Operate within 25 nautical miles (about 50Km) of the aerodrome you took off from.

  • Carry up to 3 friends with you as passengers (as long as you hold an aviation medical certificate).

  • Fly anywhere in Australia that is outside of controlled airspace (once you've received your navigation endorsement).

  • Fly into controlled airspace and land at controlled aerodromes (once you've received your CTA/CTR endorsements)

  • Undertake additional training for flight activity endorsements like aerobatics or formation flying.


Minimum age 16years old

Class 2 Aviation Medical Certificate (recommended) or

Recreational Aviation General Practitioner's Certificate (RAMGP)

English Language Proficiency 



There are two pathways to RPL

1) Upgrade from RPC (recommended)

2) All through GA training

COURSE 1 - Upgrade from RPC (recommended)

1 Weeks Full Time Flying Training (or Part time equivalent) including an average of 5-7 hours conversion flight training.

Must hold RPC and meet RPL prerequisite hours for this course


COURSE 2 - All through GA training

3-4 weeks Full Time Flying Training (or Part time equivalent) including a minimum of 25 hours flight training.


10 hours ground theory training

20 hours dual flying training (with instructor)

5 hours supervised solo training (instructor observing from ground)

3 theory exams set by RFC

1 theory exam set by CASA

Flight Test with Examiner

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